Here's What Clients Are Saying

Dana has been such a positive influence in my life when it comes to meal planning and weightless. I started my journey with Dana a few years back when I was one of her first clients. Her food is simply amazing! Just recently, Dana helped me lose 20lbs and train for my first bikini competition. I loved working with Dana because she made sure I was getting the nutrients I needed but also making my meal plan as exciting and yummy as it could be! Dana was the best coach I could ask for. Dana is very knowledgeable when it comes to well balanced meals. I can confidently say I will continue to live a healthy lifestyle with the help of Dana.
— Thomasina
This lifestyle and your recommendations definitely bring balance into my life! I cannot thank you enough!
— Tracey B
Seriously. Tearing up over here. Iā€™m so grateful to have met you-your continuous knowledge, strength and positive attitude is so uplifting and inspiring. Keep doing you- cause its awesome! :)
— Becky P.